Our Story

The Bruno Steele Music label and production company represents a small group of artists including Analogue Revolution, Drama King, Rogues Gallery, Trek, Crush, 4 Door Life, The Vault and Bryan Steele.  BSM has placed songs with artists around the world, including;  Yu Quan (China), Fudanjuku (Japan), Denise Lopez (Sweden), Kis My Ft’2 (Japan), Ilhama (Azerbaijan), Darren Holden (Ireland), Adie (Malta), Amelia Bloom (Australia), Paola (U.S) and Amanda (U.S.), as well as several up and coming teen singers on the UK's New Atlantic Records.
In addition, Bruno Steele Music has had songs placed in many popular TV shows, such as:  All Rise, The Vampire Diaries, CSI Miami, Parenthood, Pretty Little Liars, Jane By Design and Shameless. Steele’s instrumental music has been placed hundreds of times in other shows, like: The Voice, The Amazing Race, People's Choice Awards, Entertainment Tonight (CBS), A&E Biography, as well as many shows on the Discovery Channel and The History Channel.